Each month this ghastly Winter, Ignition is going to make the most of our windows to offer our Sydenham Neighbours something fun and joyful to admire as they walk past and hopefully wave.

For our inaugural window art display during October there are a few simple guidelines below. We are very much looking forward to seeing all the magnificent entries from enthusiasts and experts of all ages!

  1. The theme is HAPPY – what has made you smile recently? what keeps you joyful every day? what would make you really happy right now?
  2. Size – anything from A5 to A3
  3. Media – all lovely entries welcome and no restrictions on format, flavour, or style. Please make sure it is 2D and can survive being stuck up in the window, and include your name and email or phone number on the back
  4. Closing date is 31st October – all entries will be put up in the window during October
  5. Public voting – will be on Saturday 7th November
  6. Prizes! Beyond the satisfaction of bringing smiles to all the passers by of Sydenham, there will be a case of beer for 1st prize, an Ignition t-shirt for 2nd and a fine Ignition bobble hat for 3rd

Good luck one and all!

Still to come!  A preview, with details to follow.

November will be a Poetry Competition.  We’d love to display your poems.  Theme:  The Best Poem You Have Ever Written. 

December:  Christmas 2020.  We are looking for a local resident (or gang thereof) to design our Christmas Window and bring magic to the high street. The theme is, ‘Spectacular’.  Naturally.