Each month of this ghastly Winter, Ignition is going to make the most of our windows to offer our Sydenham Neighbours something fun and joyful to admire as they walk past and hopefully wave.

Have a look below for information about our Christmas Window competition and Poetry competition open to all!

Christmas Window Competition

This year looks like the worst Christmas ever!  But at Ignition we want to show that Sydenham still has something to celebrate – and we need your creative genius to help.

We have a large window – 8m wide by 3m tall*  which is in a prime location at the epicentre of dynamic Sydenham High Street.  By December 5th at 5pm, we plan to have transformed it into a SPECTACULAR display of Christmas joy that we hope people will come to see from far and wide, and talk about for many years to come. 

We’d like you to design a window for us on the theme of ‘Spectacular’ which is a show-stopping, eye-catching display of all that glitters.  We are open to all ideas, and just need a mock-up of the design and a plan to build it. 

Our expectation is that your design is something you can create with two weeks’ notice, so props/tinsel etc will need to be near at hand.  The winner has a production budget of up to £500.

Last entries November 21st.  Judging decision announced on Monday 23rd November

The rules of the game are

  • *our window is 8m wide, in four 2m sections.  The panels are 2.5m high.  There are then opening windows above which are approximately 60cm high.  The opening windows do not have to be included in the design
  • The window has a small lip inside of 15cm, on which props can be balanced
  • There is a budget of up to £500
  • We cannot drill into or alter the frames or glass
  • We have two plug sockets
  • Covid-secure site visits can be organised by email Nick@ignition.beer 
  • The Ignition Trustees decision on the winner is final. 

Calling All Poets!

Following the success of our ‘Happy’ art and photo competition, Ignition is inviting local poets, wordsmiths, and anyone else lyrically expressive to enter our November Poetry Competition.  We want you to bring in for us the best poem you have ever written. If you have not yet written your masterpiece then please do so inspired by an uplifting moment that still brings you joy whether it was yesterday or in a different millennium.  We will then have the privilege of displaying these in our window on the High Street (and the World) so that passers-by can stop and reflect on your wonderful words. The winner will receive a case of our beers and the glory of being Sydenham’s Shakespeare 2020.

The golden rules are as follows:

  • Please submit your entry printed on A4 paper – maximum of 2-sides
  • Please pop your name and number on the back so we can get in touch
  • The poems can be on any subject
  • No profane language, please.  Children may be reading
  • The Ignition Team will decide the winner
  • The winner will be announced on Saturday 28th November

You can drop in your entry to the taproom from Thursday 5th November, or email it to Nick@ignition.beer