Nick is a happy, lucky, compassionate man from Lewisham who likes a beer, loves his family and is blessed with great friends. He is a founder/director at Ignition and is an economist for a mental health charity, which is a great mix of careers.  He is Roman Catholic which means he is super-fun, lol, but he also offers a strong moral compass and traditional values of love, monogamy and integrity. He is 43 and is very much in his prime.  This is a good time.

Nick would like to meet a man with similar values, but perhaps a completely different life.

Bit of detail please Cilla?Nick
Height6ft 1
Weight14 stone
Distinguishing featureMy laugh – once heard….
Best featureI’d say face, but our survey says ‘arms’
Most likely to sayThe ‘Our Father’
Least likely to say‘Hey, anyone up for a three-way?’
Driving LicenseYes, and a car – A VW called Georgio
Superman talentI bring out the best in people
Kryptonite flawPerfectionist

Person of interest: Nick is looking for someone with a healthy self-identity and positive self-esteem, that is doing something with their life they care about. He is after a punctual man that values monogamy, is anti-drugs, and that would help a stranger in need. Most of all he wants someone that likes to laugh loudly and often, that values spending enjoyable time with the people he cares most about.

If this sounds great – then send him an email on or pop down when we are open and just say hello. Old school.