A Fond Farewell to George

As team member George moves on to pastures new, he talks about his experience of working at Ignition…

Ignition… A brilliant brewery and bar in Lewisham! The customers are friendly, with people who know how to have good conversations. What I loved about Ignition was when I was struggling to find a job for 7 months, they gave me a chance. This is what makes them so unique.

On my first day I met Tom (manager then), he showed me all the skills like pulling pints and pouring wine like a Maître’ D.

Ignition is a great place to visit and work because they take people into consideration, which comes in very handy with my ADHD. Personally, I think this bar is one of the very few places where staff and customers are similar, a family atmosphere is created.

Most importantly it improves your social skills, even if you are not a people person, you learn to become sociable within a month. It helped me after spending months unemployed!

People in the area have a strong sense of community which is why fights rarely happen in the bar!

Drink making was my favourite thing to learn because I saw how customers really liked their drinks.

Ignition Brewery’s strong point is making ale. Drinks like Whisky, spirits and cocktails are usually sold during monthly events. But… I will say meeting other people with disabilities was a very interesting experience, because I’ve realised other people are in the same boat as well.

All of these things made me feel really sad when lockdown started and businesses along with the planet shut down. I really want all the things I’ve said above to return after Covid so people can see what I mean.